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Gopher: michaelyack

 *  I Yack. October 2006 calls you bitch.
 *  I hate the internet. Some kn0b took one of my old disused domains [that expired],
 *  which is fine (vivre le capitalisme). However, now it seems to be causing conflict with
 *  one of my other domains, which is slightly shitty.
 *  Between the registry and the registrar they're being bumholes about changing the
 *  details even though the email address changed hands years ago, so I've been waiting and
 *  waiting for the domain to come free again so I can get my old email address to fucking
 *  do something about my current problem.
 *  But every year this internet mastermind foils me:
 *  Name Michael Yack
 *  Job Title Visionary
 *  Email [email protected]
 *  I'll fucking visionary you.
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